Contract Phones at Telkom

19 Dec

Contract Phones at Telkom: A Guide to Choosing the Best Deal

Telkom is one of South Africa`s leading telecommunications providers, offering a wide range of services and products to keep South Africans connected. One of their most popular offerings is contract phones, where customers can choose from a variety of devices and plans to suit their needs. In this article, we`ll take a closer look at the different contract phone options available at Telkom and how to choose the best deal for you.

Device Options

At Telkom, customers have a broad selection of devices to choose from when signing up for a contract phone. Whether you`re looking for the latest iPhone or a budget-friendly Android, there is a device to fit every need. Some popular options include:

– Samsung Galaxy S21

– iPhone 12

– Huawei P40 Lite

– Nokia 5.4

When selecting a phone, it`s important to consider your budget, your requirements, and your preferences. For example, if you`re looking for a high-quality camera, the latest Samsung or iPhone could be good choices. On the other hand, if you`re looking for a budget-friendly option, the Nokia 5.4 could be a great choice.

Plan Options

In addition to device options, Telkom offers a variety of plans to choose from. These plans vary based on the amount of data, minutes, and texts included, as well as the monthly cost. Some popular options include:

– FreeMe 1GB for R149 per month

– FreeMe 6GB for R399 per month

– FreeMe Unlimited for R999 per month

When choosing a plan, it`s important to consider how much data you will need each month, as well as how often you use your phone for calls and texts. If you use your phone heavily for browsing and streaming, a higher data plan may be necessary. On the other hand, if you primarily use your phone for calls and texts, a lower data plan could be sufficient.

Other Factors to Consider

When choosing a contract phone at Telkom, there are a few other factors to consider. These include:

– Contract length: Most contracts are 24 months long, but there are shorter and longer options available.

– Early termination fees: If you need to end your contract early, there may be fees involved. It`s essential to understand these fees upfront.

– Upfront costs: Depending on the phone and plan you choose, there may be upfront costs involved, such as a deposit or activation fee.


Choosing a contract phone at Telkom is an excellent way to ensure you always have access to the latest devices and services. By considering your device and plan options carefully, as well as other factors like contract length and upfront costs, you can find a deal that works for you. Whether you`re looking for a high-end smartphone or a budget-friendly option, Telkom has a range of choices to suit your needs.